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Year 6 Ravens

Welcome to Ravens 

Class Teacher - Mr Brazier

Class Teacher - Mrs Cotton

LSP - Mrs Harris



Our Learning

Autumn Term


During the autumn term, we will begin by learning about the place value of numbers up to 10,000,00. We will then move onto addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before ending the term looking at fractions. Throughout this time, we will continue to develop our arithmetic skills and timestable knowledge. Please use Times Table Rock Stars at home to keep practising.


We will begin by using the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and then Letters from the Lighthouse a stimulus for writing in year 6. We will be continuing to develop our spelling punctuation and grammar skills and applying this in a range of writing genres including a diary, formal letter, character description and a narrative.


In reading, our text of the term is ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Magorian. The children will be identifying and defining unfamiliar vocabulary to support their understanding of the text. This will be further developed by answering a range of questions about the text.  

We will also read a wide range of other texts throughout the term to ensure that the children are exposed to a wide range of authors


Our science topic this term is light. In this topic, children will investigate mirrors and shiny surfaces and how they change the direction in which light travels. They will learn how light enters the eye so that we can see the things around us.  Work in this topic also offers opportunities for children to investigate refraction, colours of light and will include the works of key scientific figures such as Isaac Newton.


This term we will be learning about the WW2! This is a fabulous topic where children will learn about the build up to the war and also life during the war. We will kick-start this topic with a visit to the RAF Museum Cosford! During this topic, we will cover all of the history curriculum and will be very happy to share with you the work that we complete in our museum.


PE is on Thursday this term. We will be developing our skills in handball. This will include shooting, defending, goal keeping, different techniques of shooting, passing and dribbling. We will develop an understanding the impact of exercise on our bodies and how to keep fit. 

Swimming will be on Friday this term. Children will have a full hour swimming session and will work towards the national curriculum requirement to competently, confidently and proficiently swim over a distance of at least 25 metres, use a range of strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.


During the autumn term, we will be learning about online safety. We will develop a clear understanding of appropriate online behaviour, understand the meaning of our digital footprint, understand the importance of a balance in screen time and identify risks of mobile devices broadcasting their location. We will then move on to look at how to use a spreadsheet for calculations, planning and investigate probability. 


This term children will be developing their language skills by learning the different school subjects. They will be able to discuss the subjects that they enjoy and those they are not so fond of. During the term there will be the opportunity to read, write and listen to a range of key phrases, which they will use in conversation. They will continue to recap on their previous learning from Year 5, which included greetings and introductory phrases.


RE this term will focus on Christianity and look in more detail at what type of king Jesus was. Throughout the topic, Year 6 will explore how Jesus taught his followers to be good Christians through the use of parables. We will also consider how Christians follow Jesus’ message today by supporting others less fortunate through charity work and volunteering.

Look what we have been doing...

We began our mini topic this term with ‘Little people, Big dreams’.  Here, we studied David Attenborough’s awesome life as well as creating some natural art, inspired by Attenborough’s fascination with nature.

We also studied the amazing continent of the Antarctic.  We were able to locate it on a globe, research and name animals and plants that inhabit that region of the earth, as well as locating positions in the Antarctic region using six figure grid references.


To kick-start our history topic, all of the children in year 6 had the opportunity to visit RAF Cosford. We had a great day and through workshops and tours, we developed a better understanding of life during WW2. The children discovered the role of the fighter pilot along with other aircraft and uncovered aspects of civilian life in 1940. Children had access to a range of sources and museum artefacts, including original RAF uniform, to develop their depth of knowledge and inspire curiosity.