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Year 5 Woodpeckers

Welcome to Woodpeckers 

Class Teacher - Mrs Wood

LSP - Miss Merryweather



Our learning

Summer Term


In maths, we will be completing our work on decimals, fractions, area and perimeter before moving on to shape and position and direction. We will be learning to order and compare decimals, convert decimals into percentages and calculate the area and perimeter of shapes. Following this, we will be estimating and drawing angles.  As well as this, we will be revisiting previous learning so we are able to retain useful methods and facts to help us with our arithmetic. 


In English, we will be focusing on the book 'The Wolves in the Walls' by Neil Gaiman. We will begin by writing an information text in the style of a newspaper, where we will be using formal language to inform. We will then write a diary entry from the point of view of the little girl, where we will consider the emotions felt by the main character. We will also be looking at how we can change the style of our writing so it is more informal.

Throughout the term, we will develop the children's spelling, punctuation and grammar skills whilst also focusing on handwriting and presentation.


We will be reading ‘Holes' by Louis Sachar in our guided reading sessions this term. The children will be using dictionaries to find the definitions of new and unfamiliar vocabulary. All the children will take part in a shared read to discuss what they have read before going onto answer VIPERS comprehension questions. 


Our science topic this term will be 'Animals including Humans' and 'Forces'. The children will look at changes throughout human life and how the human body develops into old age. 

We will then look at gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction and how these forces occur in every day to day life. We will conduct a variety of experiments and investigations, including an egg drop, where children will design and make a container for an egg, before dropping it out of the window. They will support this design with a parachute. 


Our topic for this term will be The Victorians.  The children will learn about the major changes during the Victorian times. We will also be looking at the life of Queen Victoria as well as what life was like for children of all classes. As well as this, we will look at rural and urban lifestyles during this period.

Alongside this, we will complete a mini topic on our local area, where we will develop out map skills, as well as orienteering. 


In PE we will be focusing on Rounders and Cricket. Rounders will be taught by the class teacher and Cricket will be taught by the PE coach. Children will learn the skills needed to throw and catch the ball, as well as work as a team to play competitively. 

In Summer 2, we will be doing Athletics in preparation for sports day followed by orienteering. 


In computing, Woodpeckers will be learning about how to use spreadsheets. We will be looking at how we can use spreadsheets to help in everyday life. We will be using them for converting measurements, planning an event and using formulae to solve calculations. 


In Spring, we will be focusing on clothes. The children will learn to say, read, write and listen to a number of key phrases. By the end of the topic, will be able to describe what they are wearing and talk about what they want to buy.


This half–term we will be learning about Jewish and Muslim prayer, living as a Hindu in Britain, as well as humanism. We will be comparing the different ways that Jews and Muslims pray before taking a deeper look at how Hindu's live their lives. Following this, we will ask and answer questions about how we can build a more tolerant and respectful community before exploring the impact that people’s beliefs have on their lives.

Look what we have been doing...

Autumn term - Viking Day


Making Christmas biscuits in DT...

Some of our children went to the Police Museum!

Some children visited the local food bank!