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Year 5 Woodpeckers

Welcome to Woodpeckers 

Class Teacher - Mrs Wood

LSP - Miss Merryweather



Our learning

Spring Term


In maths, we will be working a lot on fractions. We will be learning to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers, order and compare fractions, add and subtract fractions using common denominators and multiply fractions. As well as this, we will be revisiting previous learning so we are able to retain useful methods and facts to help us with our arithmetic. 


In English, we will be focusing on the book and film, 'The Snowman', by Raymond Briggs. We will begin by writing a setting description, where we will be using figurative language to describe. We will build vocabulary about Winter, and use Alan Peat sentence types to plan our writing. After this, we will use the same stimuli to write a diamante poem about Winter.

Throughout the term, we will develop the children's spelling, punctuation and grammar skills whilst also focusing on handwriting and presentation.


We will be reading ‘Boy' by Roald Dahl in our guided reading sessions this term. The children will be using dictionaries to find the definitions of new and unfamiliar vocabulary. All the children will take part in a shared read to discuss what they have read before going onto answer VIPERS comprehension questions. 


Our science topic this term will be 'Space'. The children will describe the movement of the Earth and other planets in relation to the Sun and the Moon in relation to the Earth. They will also be able to describe day and night and how the movement of the Earth impact this. Alongside this, we will be naming and ordering the planets and looking at the physical attributes Earth has that supports life. 


Our topic for this term will be North America.  The children will learn about the human and physical geography of North America and how it compares to Britain. We will learn about times zones, longitude and latitudal lines, as well as biomes. To do all of this, we will use digital mapping, atlases and globes to support our learning and learn a range of skills to identify geographical features. 


In PE we will be focusing on dance and gymnastics. We will be following on from what we learned last half term and developing our performance skills. We will be practising using balance to improve our control and layering, while working in groups to compose and create works of our own. We will be putting our dance to music and performing it in front of our class members. 


In computing, Woodpeckers will be learning about how to use spreadsheets. We will be looking at how we can use spreadsheets to help in everyday life. We will be using them for converting measurements, planning an event and using formulae to solve calculations. 


In Spring, we will be focusing on our home. The children will learn to say, read, write and listen to a number of key phrases. By the end of the topic, will be able to ask others if they have a pet and respond accordingly.


This half–term we will be learning about Christianity. We will study the Christian creation story, before moving on to question who was responsible for Jesus’ death. We will discuss sins, as well as charity, and the impact these things have on people’s lives. Following this, we will look at Humanism and what Humanists believe in comparison with other religions. 


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