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Year 3 Wrens

Welcome to Wrens 

Class Teacher - Miss Horton

LSP - Ms Herrington


Our learning

Summer Term

In our Maths lessons this term, we will be continuing our work on fractions. We will be spending a great deal of time learning valuable skills to do with money and time and it would be great to see or hear about children using these skills at home! We will finally be focusing on shape and statistics. Each week, we will also be practising our problem-solving skills working on our 3, 4 and 8 times tables.


In English, we will be reading different texts and our writing pieces will be based around these texts. Alongside our work on our class novels, we will continue to practise our comprehension skills, handwriting skills, learn and practise spellings and improve our grammar. We will also cover various text types, such as poetry, instructions, and play scripts. Our current text during Summer Term is ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes where we will be writing a newspaper article and a character description. 


Every child has their own reading book with a reading record that they are able to take home and are encouraged to bring to school every day in order to read at school and home. We appreciate the help that is given from parents and carers to encourage the children's reading for pleasure outside of school. During Guided Reading, we are focusing on the children's use of intriguing vocabulary and comprehension of a text through our class book. In Summer Term, the book we are reading is 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo, which the children are thoroughly enjoying.


During this half-term our topic will be ‘Plants’. Children will learn about the parts of plant including roots, flower, leaves and petals. They will also learn about the inner parts of the flower that allows them to reproduce. The next half-term will be focusing on ‘Light’.  The children will understand what light is and what natural and man-made light sources are. They will observe how light reflects off different materials as well as investigating how shadows change depending on the light sources distance from the object.


This term our topic will be Ancient Egyptians. We will look at what life was like for an Egyptian, the various Pharoahs and Gods they had. We will be learning about the process of mummification and engage in many different art and design activities that enable us to learn about other aspects of Ancient Egyptians such as their use of shadufs. We will finish by comparing our Stone Age topic from the autumn term with the Ancient Egyptians and see how life has changed.


Physical education in Year 3 takes place on a Wednesday with our specialist PE teacher and Thursday with their class teacher every week. The children thoroughly enjoy using their skills and learning new techniques, as well as taking the opportunity to work collaboratively as part of a team. This term the children are learning Athletics. They are working to strengthen their skills in a variety of athletics areas to prepare them for our KS2 Sports Day of 4th July. 


This half-term, we have been looking at branching databases. We will look at what data is and how it is collected and stored into a database. The children will look at using Yes/No questions to create their own branching database. We will also continue to look at online safety, ensuring the children are being safe online, not sharing personal details online and using age-appropriate sites.


This term, we will be developing our language skills by learning ice-creams and the popular fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. We will have the opportunity, to read, write, listen and speak a range of phrases that they can use in conversations relating to ice-creams and the story of the Little Red Riding Hood. Towards the end of the term, we will be using our knowledge of the fairy tale to confidently talk about different parts of the body.


We find it is very important for the children to learn and understand about the variety of cultures and religions that surround us in order to better understand and respect others. Throughout the year, we will be learning about religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. In Summer Term, we are focusing on Islam and Sikhism. The children will learn to understand their beliefs and how they live their life according to their religion.

Look what we have been doing...

As our topic this term is the Ancient Egyptians, year 3 had the opportunity to experience an Ancient Egyptian workshop. They began by learning about the who and when of Egyptian society. This meant they learnt about significant times things happened and how people were ranked in society. They found out pharaohs were the most important and peasants/farmers were the least important. After this, they looked at the process of mummification and found out about the different things that had to be done before a person could enter the after life. Next, they had the opportunity to draw using reed pens just like the Ancient Egyptians did and decoded hieroglyphics to find out what type of jobs people had during this time period.  Finally, they used bow and arrows to hunt down animals and played a game called senet and got to experience what the Ancient Egyptians would have done for leisure.