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Welcome to Robins

Class Teacher - Mrs Hutchinson

HLTA - Mrs Di Vito

HLTA - Mr Anzel

LSP - Mrs Waqas



Communication and language 

Communication is an extremely important part of a child's early development. The ability to communicate their needs to those around them is paramount. Children will be encouraged to share their ideas with each other, one to one and in small groups and develop their spoken language through learning key vocabulary. We will practice following instructions and listening to information carefully to help develop the listening skills needed to help our learning. 

We will develop understanding of the questions who, what, when, where and use these to explain what is happening especially when sharing stories together.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In Nursery, we will be focusing on building relationships with our friends and the teachers that we work with. We will develop confidence with basic routines around the nursery such as lining up, making a circle, listening carefully, tidying up and following instructions. We will learn to express our wants and needs to help the staff support us. We will develop independence in our personal hygiene and self-care skills such as using the toilet by ourselves, washing hands effectively and helping with our clothes and putting on coats.

Physical Development  

During our physical sessions the children will practice moving freely with confidence in a range of ways, and will develop spatial awareness. They will develop control of a ball and other equipment. They will develop fine motor control through a variety of activities such as cutting, threading, manipulating objects, using tweezers and other one-handed tools. These activities will support comfortable and strong pencil grips needed for early writing and mark-making skills. The children will learn that equipment and tools need to be used safely and use resources appropriately. 

Children will learn the importance of healthy routines with regard to their own toileting and how they should wash their hands properly.

Expressive Arts and Design 

In Nursery, we enjoy singing together and playing instruments, listening carefully to the sounds they make, learning when to stop and start and develop control over an instrument. Children will explore paint and a variety of other media using their fingers and other body parts. They will use their imagination as they consider what they can do with different materials and make simple models which express their ideas. In the home corner and during small world play, they will start to develop pretend play, pretending that one object represents another. 


In Literacy, we will focus on a range of basic listening skills that are pre-requisite to learning phonics sounds. These skills include listening carefully to sounds in our environment and the different sounds that instruments make, listening to the rhythm of words and blending together the sounds we can hear in words. We will enjoy sharing a variety of stories together, talking about the characters, settings and what happens in the story. In our writing, we will practice giving meaning to the marks that we make and access writing opportunities across the curriculum. From Nursery, we being the RML phonics scheme where children will learn a new sound each week.








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