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Home, School Agreement

I will:
treat others as I would like to be treated
try to do my best
tell the truth
listen carefully
respect property
do my homework regularly and bring it back to school
Name :_________________________________________
To help my child at school, I will:  
make sure that my child arrives in school on time and is collected on time
make sure that my child attends school regularly and inform the school of
the reason for any absence
support the school in maintaining good behaviour
support my child with learning at home and listen to my child read
attend parents’ evenings
ensure that my child wears school uniform
let you know if there are any problems that may affect my child's ability to learn e.g. they need glasses, have medical needs or are unhappy  
Signed :_________________________Parent/Carer
The school will do its best to:  
keep everyone safe  
be open, welcoming and listen
offer a curriculum which meets the needs of all children
expect the best from children at all times
inform parents and carers regularly about their children’s progress
ensure the safety, happiness and well-being of each child
set, mark and monitor home tasks as appropriate for the age and development of each child
contact parents and carers if there is a problem e.g. learning, behaviour, attendance or punctuality  
Signed :  Mrs J Bayliss ( Head Teacher )