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Curriculum Drivers

Our bespoke curriculum is designed around a number of themes which encompass the key skills we wish to develop in our pupils; these are called ‘drivers’ as they drive the planning and implementation of our curriculum so that the children’s success is at the heart of all that we do. As a school, we have identified six key areas that will act as the drivers for our curriculum. These have been selected through consultation with all staff who have identified the specific and unique needs of the children at Burnt Tree Primary School.


 “What do you remember from when you were in primary school?” “What made it memorable?”


The answers to these questions centred around real experiences, theme days, fun activities, trips and practical activities. We decided that if we want our learning to be memorable then we need a curriculum that is exciting, real, themed and practical every day. From this we looked at what we want our curriculum to deliver and what qualities we want to develop in our children to give them the best possible start in their future lives. Using these ideas we created the vision for our curriculum. We call these our drivers and they are embedded throughout the school environment, in classrooms and in teachers’ planning. They help to drive and shape the curriculum.

We want to share these drivers with you and we want you to talk to your children about them. We have carried out lots of work in school recently on these drivers and what they mean to the children here at Burnt Tree and we hope they will be able to take to you about them and how they are significant in their classrooms every day.